Friday, December 19, 2008

Reflections: Part I & II

Two weeks without a single post..Hmm, I was quite busy recently (huh?). Not busy actually but I just don't have time for this. Just checking the net for the news. Now that the exam was over, I could spend a lot of time to play around..hehe..But wait, talking about the exam made me feel like...I dunno what to say..because I think I didn't do it well..Hope that the results will gonna be OK..or at least achieving passing grades..I'm not expecting more since I know that I didn't prepare well..My fault again. When actually am I going to realize all of this? Always motivating and then promising myself to do better but at last the same thing happened..What's all this? So, what to do next.Easy. Prepare well. That simple. Remember, a lesson is learned but the damage is irreversible. Don't let this happen because it might be too late. Ok, enough with this.


At last I found it. Been searching for it years ago. Now, it's there but I couldn't reach for it yet. It's not easy for me to get it. It needs a little patience..No, a lot of.I really want it. Hope things will going to get even better than before..In this situation, trying hard does not guarantee the success. I can get it even if I do nothing but I will never know..That's why I have to work in my own way..Ok, enough with this too. People who reads this don't understand what I'm muttering about..Have a pleasant day with your loved ones..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Lately, a few things happened unexpectedly. but I was really want them to happen. yep, REALLY WANT TO. and yes they did happen. this is the first time...and until now I have a mixed feeling because of that. but I think I like it. haha. I hope this will continue and become better. to be honest, I was kinda nervous when it happened (yep, my hands and feet were cold at that time-the feeling was like you're going to sit for a big exam or like you're going to make a presentation in front of the crowds). of course neither an exam nor a presentation need to be attended or presented..hmm,maybe I know the reason behind this...and I think you guys also know it..haha..guess it by yourself...I'll tell you someday...