Friday, May 15, 2009

At Last, The Holiday Comes...

I'm only one hour away from departing to Bengaluru International Airport.
So this post is going to be the last one for this month in Bangalore.

Nothing much to say.

Except this.

'Goodbye India, Welcome Malaysia'
'Goodbye Bangalore, Welcome Kuala Lumpur'

Have a nice holiday then.
Happy holiday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Outings

On the last two weeks, the weekends were filled with not-so-regular outings. Actually I just wanted to indulge myself of the things that I've longed for all of this while.

Week 1: M.G. Road and Brigade Road

Day 1-
I accompanied Fattah to buy his first guitar.
Nice one. It's violet in colour. And it sounds good.
The strings are better and softer than the one that I have on my six-string instrument.
They're more user-friendly because they don't cause pain to fingertips.
Mine is more mental.
You can lose your interest in this instrument if you don't get used to it.
Thank God, I got some tricks to overcome this.

Day 2-
The day that Fatah bought the guitar was the day that I caught a glimpse on these two things.
Headphone and webcam.
I bought the headphone (it's a Philips) on the next day.
And Fatah brought home a guitar tuner.

Week 2: Commercial Street and Brigade Road

Day 1-
I accompanied (actually I just following him, butting him here and there) Faiz to Commercial Street.
And we met his team (The Form 5) there.
I just wandering around with them since CS is not a regular outing place for me.
I thought I can get lost there. Many shops and many junctions.
They're all look the same to me.
And no significant landmarks that I can look for if I ever get lost there.
At last, I scooped out some souvenirs to bring home to Malaysia.

Then, we went to Brigade Road.
Another souvenirs.
And the night out ended at 20 Feet High.
The food were great. Though a bit pricey.
Anyway, great outing.
Thanks to Faiz and The Form 5.

Day 2-
Oh I went out again.
This time I spend quite a lot. In terms of value.
A webcam. Three pair of jeans. A pair of sneakers. A T-shirt. A pair of sunglasses.
Wait. A sunglasses?
Yes. I know I don't wear sunglasses before.
I just want it.
Not that I need it.
Maybe I'll figure out what I can do with it.

I thought I had a nice weekend.
Quite tiring but it was fun.

The Gross Anatomy Record Book along with the SLE for Physiology are patiently waiting at home. Don't worry, I'll meet you both. If not today, it will be tomorrow.
I'm tired and I want to sleep. Duh!

Erm..Bye and have a nice day then.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Love Dungun

Dok sabor eh nok balik Malaysia..
Aku mane biase duk lame-lame kat tempat orang ni..
Sabor-sabor, dok lame doh..
2 minggu je lagi..

Dulu mase kat Seremban..
Aku balik dumoh paling kurang 2 bulan sekali..
Kalu cuti 3 hari straight pun aku balik gok..
Aku memang suke balik dumoh ni..

Nok wak mende ar balik dumoh kekgi?
Hmm, study ar wei!
Haha, ye la tu Jak weh..
Macam la mu study sangat..

Balik rumoh tengok TV puas-puas..
Makan puas-puas..Haha, dok banyok sikit pun dakpe doh..
Pahtu nok gi main motor..
Main dalam kampung pun jadi la..

Pahtu gi jalan bandor..
Bandor la sangat..
Guane rupe doh Dungun le ni ar..?
Mesti banyok mende baru..

Pahtu aku nok gi pantai..
Kalu buleh mandi kan best..
Tapi aku dok berani sangat situ..
Orang kate bahaye..

Aku tau kat tempat aku dok la best sangat..
Tapi aku suke la..
Sape kate dok best?
Mu je dok pandai explore Jak..

Jadi, jangan la mu bazirkan mase Jak..