Monday, September 20, 2010


I think that I've just lost thousands of captured memories.
Digital photos to be exact.
I don't know whether they can still be recovered or not.
I can't access any folder and document.
Viruses and worms have infected my external drive. ****!
Why the heck my antivirus didn't detect them earlier?
Ahh, I really hate this kind of thing.
Ughhh..Thousands of photos, hundreds of movies---->GONE!

My bad. My fault. Purely mine. Blame me. Mea maxima culpa.
No backups were made before.
This is it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Quiet Sounds

It's quiet
But I can hear something
Yes, something
Definitely some sounds
Some weird unknown sounds
Keep on rushing
Filling the atmosphere
I search for it
I look for it
I don't know
No idea
Where does it come from
I couldn't find it
Just couldn't
But wait
I guess I know
I guess I know where it is
Where it originates from

It is in my head
It is in my head
My breaking aching head.

Damn those songs make my heart deeply drenched in emotions.
Phantomly sweet. Unseen.

Garden Of Summer

*Phantasms vanish. Skyline surfaces itself*

Now it becomes clear
As clear as an azure sky
Of the deepest summer
The heavy clouds are gone

So sweet the honey
So beautiful the roses
Alluring, enticing scents
Attracting nature lovers
Mesmerizing, hypnotizing
Trapping their wandering minds
In bushes of lovely thorns
In everlasting fantasies

Being one of those nature lovers
The fantasies are warm, heartfelt
So much alive
So very real
So genuine in existence.

*Horizon fades away. Misty apparitions take place*

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hari ni last day practical exam. Next week, exam teori pulak. Pastu balik kampung. Yeay!!! Camne pun kena settle kan exam dulu. Hmm, disebabkan exam jugak la time orientation dah lost dengan teruknya minggu ni. Sleep cycle yang tidak menentu. Nak kena set balik ni biological clock. Haha.

Oh ye, esok rakyat Malaysia yang beragama Islam dan kebanyakan umat Islam diseluruh dunia ni akan menyambut 1 Syawal. India belum lagi. Lewat sehari. Bangun pagi tadi terfikir esok dah nak Raya kat Malaysia tapi kenapa aku ada kat sini lagi? Bukan ke aku patut ada kat rumah kat kampungku yang tercinta time2 camni? What am I doing here? Hahaha. What a thought. Sabar2. Minggu depan balik dah. Jap je lagi. Haha. Pujuk diri sendiri. Tapi takpe, I'm not alone here. Ramai yang senasib. Let us celebrate this Raya here together, in our own way. Well, takde la Raya mana pun. Raya ngan buku2 je. Nanti balik Malaysia kita Raya sekali lagi. Hehe=)

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Friday, September 3, 2010

What A Night It Was

It was a starry night.
Not so cold.
The climate was calm and easy.
Salty breeze permeating the air. Everywhere.
I was there.
Driving in a car.
Going somewhere.
Wandering the long silent roads.
It was easy.
Never felt like this before.
Nowhere to go.
Just followed the heart.

The moon was there. Shining crescent.
The reflection at the sea was beautiful.
The night waves. Caressing the beach gently.
From distant, the casuarinas were in silhouttes.
Soothing and tranquilizing fusion.
Perfectly-blended atmosphere.

The road was empty.
I stopped the car.
The lighthouse was far away.
Standing true, guiding sails.
I looked at the horizon.
Shimmering. Lovely reflections.
It was a quiet night.
Where people started to dream.

And I was there.
Lying on the roof of the car.
Nothing much to think.
Nothing much to do.
Gazing the stars.
Letting myself lost among them.
What a gratifying sight. A rare moment.
What a night it was.