Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I don't like it

Aku tak tau kenapa.
Sakit hati. Rasa meluat. Menyampah.
Buka Facebook pun rasa macam terus nak batalkan akaun Facebook je.
Baca blog orang lain pun rasa macam nak muntah.
Terus tutup blog.
Last2 baca berita je.

Aku tak tau kenapa rasa macam ni.
Macam semua benda yang orang buat, semuanya tak betul.
Semuanya melebih-lebih.
Benda kecik pun nak post gak. Konon nak bagi semua orang tau.

Yes, I'm not denying the phrase "sharing is caring" but on what purpose???
'Caring' lah sangat.

Wait. I knew it.
Attention - That's what they want.
That 1 second glimpse from the others.
That short lifespan attention.
That would make them popular.
That will be the topic among public.

I feel sorry for them.

OK, that's it. End of story. And I'm sorry. Maybe I'm just too emotional on these tiny little things.
Tiny little things that made them so proud. So grand on the Net. Maybe on their real life too.
Though if they look back, the impact was worthless.
But maybe that's what make them happier.
Maybe that's what life's all about.

Again I'm sorry. And I start to feel guilty of false accusations.
I just want to blurt out what I feel. Something that I don't like.
Something that made me distracted.
I know I shouldn't post something like this.
This is not good.


Dah la, malas dah aku nak layan benda2 ni.
Aku nak tido.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Self-destruction mechanism happens on weekend.
Almost automatically.
Beware! Do not fall into the trap.
Do not even try to go near it.
Or else you will regret.
For the umpteenth time.
Count it by yourself, idiot!

Friday, July 24, 2009

3rd IA and The Climb

OK aku tak nak cakap pasal 3rd IA.
Keputusan biasa2 je.
Gotta work harder for the Final.
Oh, aku dah ter-cakap dah skit. Eheh.

"Come on man. This is the last push."

It's like climbing a mountain. Haha..
I still remember the bittersweet memories of it.
Back in 2003, I joined the expedition to Gunung Tebu.
It's near Besut, Terengganu.
It's not that high. Only 3000ft. Mt. Kinabalu is four times higher.
But never underestimate what the nature has for you.

After what I've experienced throughout the climb, I planned to ascend Mt. Kinabalu. I really want to go there. But I don't know when. And last month, a friend of mine invited me to join him on an expedititon to Mt. Kinabalu. Owh..seperti orang mengantuk + penat disorongkan bantal yang sangat lembut + cuaca sejuk + comforter..Haha..OK, aku dah mengarut.

He planned to go early on the next year. Wait, do I have any holiday at that time? Nope. I don't think so. The nearest will be on this December. So, I can't go. And I'm not happy about it. Maybe next time my friend. Next six or seven years if we have time.

-Sorry for my bad English-

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What a code...

At last, my SIM card got reactivated again.
And my cellphone will come to life again after 2 days of temporary coma.

Lesson learnt: Don't insert incorrect PIN code for three times in a row. Know it. Love it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ego + Stupidity = ???

My SIM card has been temporarily blocked due to my ego and stupidity.
I can't even access my cellphone.

I am now waiting for the Customer Care to give me the PUK code.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Sorry guys. I can't make it.
I really want to do it.
But I'm not prepared.
So nervous and too many things need to be handled at this moment.

Maybe next time?
If you still want me after what I've done.

I'm really sorry.