Thursday, May 31, 2012

Civic vs Lancer

Ok, I just want to daydream for a while. I know I shouldn't but hey, it's just daydreaming. It's about my first car that I want to own. At first, I thought Honda Civic would perfectly fit me. The styling, performance and everything else seem just nice to me. Well, that is FD2 I am talking about, or also known as 8th generation Civic. It is nice. But now is 2012, and Honda is updating its Civic fleet. It looks like almost a City, unlike the awesome previous generation Civic anymore. What a sad thing, because most of us Civic fans and lovers think 8th generation ones outclass any C-segment car in Malaysia. The all new 2012 Civic is not so handsome compared to the previous generation model. Hmm, this quite disappoints me. But not to disappoint too long, I have another car that can bring smile to my face and I'm pretty sure of it. It is Mitsubishi Lancer GT. This one kicks ass. The design, performance and everything else seem just nice. If I have the money now to buy a car, it would be a Lancer GT for sure. It looks tasty too, especially the metallic red one.

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